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Petrovietnam Communications Conference 2016


On 22nd October, Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (Petrovietnam) held a communications conference in 2016. The conference aimed at improving consistency and effectiveness of communications and propaganda work, setting out positive propaganda directions, timely dealing with communications crisis, as well as strengthening popularization of the brand and image of the oil and gas industry in the community.

Petrovietnam Vice President Le Minh Hong and

Member of PetrovietnamStanding Party Committee, Head of Party Committee’s Propaganda Board Tran Quang Dzung run the conference  

The conference was run by Petrovietnam Vice President Le Minh Hong and Mr. Tran Quang Dzung, Petrovietnam Standing Party Committee, Head of Petrovietnam Party Committee’s Propaganda Board. Attending the conference were communications professionals, responsible leaders, communications staff and experts of the Group and its affiliates.   


In his opening speech, Mr. Le Minh Hong stressed: "This is a very important conference aiming at rectifying, directing and improving the communications activities of the oil and gas industry in the today context of information explosion. So, I ask for the highest concentration of all the participants to listen, exchange and discuss in a serious and frank way about the mentioned issues, and then to draw out lessons for more appropriate information handling and treatment in the communications work".


Petrovietnam Chief of Administration Office Hoang Ngoc Trung gave the summary report

on event organization and communications of the Group at the conference


In his summary report on the Group’s event organization and communications in recent years, Petrovietnam Chief of Administration Office Hoang Ngoc Trung affirmed, the whole industry was facing a lot of challenges and difficulties in the current period. However, with special attentions of our leaders and continuous efforts of our communications staff, the event organization as well as the associated communications and press activities of Vietnam Oil and Gas Group and its affiliates had still achieved positive results, contributing significantly to the overall performance of the Group. It helped to propagandize, excite and encourage officials, staff and employees in the oil and gas industry to successfully fulfill their missions. It further provided information to the public throughout the country so that the readers would have a comprehensive and correct understanding about the industry’s activities and share with the oil and gas workers.


An overview of the conference


At present, the oil and gas industry has important information channels such as: New Energy Newspapers, 2 journals (PetroVietnam Journal and PetroVietnam Trade Union Journal), 12 newsletters, 50 portals and internal websites.... There are more than 200 managers, experts and staff doing event organization and communication activities. The Group has managed, operated and utilized effectively the communications and press networks to strengthen propaganda of the industry’s activities.    


Head of Petrovietnam Party Committee’s Propaganda Board Tran Quang Dzung gave a speech at the conference


At the conference, to set out an orientation for the Group’s communications work, Mr. Tran Quang Dzung, Petrovietnam Standing Party Committee, Head of Petrovietnam Party Committee’s Propaganda Board informed and heightened awareness of the directives and guides on propaganda and press work of the Group. Particularly, he emphasized two important documents of Petrovietnam Standing Party Committee i.e. Directive No. 51-CT/DU dated 21/04/2016 on information, communications and event organization and Conclusion No. 71-KL/DU dated 09/09/2016 on politics, thoughts and communications in the contemporary period.


The participating units also made reports, discussions and exchanges about their problems, effective communication measures and communication operation experiences, e.g. PVC’s and BSR’s experiences in dealing with communication crisis; efficiency of communications activities in association with social security in PVFCCo; "Communications must be one step ahead," of New Energy Newspapers …   


Especially, the officials attending the conference were instructed by Mr. Hoang Huu Luong, Former Director of Authority of Press, Ministry of Information and Communications and Mr. Nguyen Thanh Son, Expert of SAGE Brand & Communications Academy for professional skills in communication management and communication crisis settlement through specific and lively examples, and practical lessons. It helped them learn from experiences and drew out useful lessons for their activities.    


Petrovietnam Vice President Le Minh Hong spoke the conference conclusions


Concluding the conference, Petrovietnam Vice President Le Minh Hong summarized achievements and shortcomings in the Group’s current communications activities and proposed future directions for the work. In particular, he highlighted a number of achievements, for examples: the Group has organized a general communications team in the whole industry and developed useful instruments to serve the communications work; the communications team is becoming more professional and creating better relationships with the press; the aim of developing the brand in association with the communications activities has been fulfilled. Organization of events has also become more practical, effective, not high – sounding or formalistic. 


For more positive results of the Group’s communications activities in the future, Mr. Le Minh Hong required the communications staff of PVN and its affiliates to continue perfecting their apparatus and enhancing their professional capacities, actively propagate production and business activities, and provide information fully, accurately and timely to the press; closely coordinate and create good relationships with news agencies, the press, central and local television stations, and related industries ... Thereby, he also called upon PVN communications staff to raise their sense of responsibility and strengthen propaganda and agitation activities in order to maintain the good tradition, brand and image of the oil and gas workers and also the oil and gas industry in the minds of these workers themselves as well as the public.


In the near future, the Group will hold training conferences to enhance performance capacities of communication staff and also check the communication apparatus organization in its affiliates.    


Great success of the communication conference 2016 has made practical contributions to directing and enhancing the operational capacity of the Group’s communications staff.

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